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Willis College offers a career-focused approach to adult education, enabling graduates to transition into careers in business, technology, and healthcare.  Over the years, this adult private career college has played a major role in seeing more than 150,000 graduates,   leading successful lives in Canadian communities and around the world.

Business, Technology, & Healthcare Programs at Willis College


Business Programs

Your business career starts at Willis College! With programs from just 21-48 weeks you can obtain the necessary skills and expertise to become workplace ready in less than a year. Willis College offers business programs in Marketing, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Human Resources, Business Management, Office Administration, and Administrative Assistance. You can begin your new career with real education and join an in-demand workforce of qualified business professionals.

Healthcare Programs

The Healthcare field is growing as more and more healthcare professionals are needed. At Willis College you can help meet this growing demand by training to be a Medical Office Administrator, Addictions or Community Service Worker or Personal Support worker. These fast-track programs focus on courses like, Office Administration, Medical Health Management, Support Worker Training, Addictions Counseling, Psychology, Sociology, Youth Services, and Medical Administration.

Technology Programs

Employer-Led Skills Training Leading to High Paying Jobs in Cybersecurity

The continued innovation in cloud computing represents radical changes to work practices but also will require business and IT professionals to learn and leverage new skill sets. We anticipate thweat in the immediate future, the highest payback to the Canadian economy in terms of jobs and GDP growth will be within the ICT (digital) sector, cybersecurity, and infrastructure investment. Recognizing this, Willis College has developed and will continue to develop exclusive partnerships with Fortune 500 companies such as Fortinet and Sophos, to deliver employer-driven skills training that bridges the skills gap and, in fact, encourages companies such as these to expand in Canada. Whether you already have an IT education, years of experience, or you are just starting out, we have programs that are right for you. You have a question? Contact Us today!

Get a College Diploma in I.T. from Willis College IN JUST 48 WEEKS

Advanced Network Security Professional Diploma (ANSP). This is Canada’s first and only employer-driven, government-approved and industry-recognized diploma program in cybersecurity, leading to full-time, well-paying local jobs through hands-on network administrator courses. Network Security Professional Diplomal (NSP). This diploma program is a first of its kind in the Ottawa Carleton Region, and offers practical, hands on IT training through our partnership with industry leaders. Mobile Software Developer Diploma (MSD). The need for mobile application developers is at an all-time high and will continue to grow as technologies advance. Cybersecurity Analyst Diploma (CSA). The number of cyber attacks world wide has grown at an alarming rate, and the current number of skilled cyber security professionals is insufficient to meet this need. The CSA program will create the needed professionals to fill the gap. As Canada’s leading Private Career College, we’re committed to continuing to partner with employers, develop skills training and contribute to job creation, thus preparing the next generation of leaders. The curriculum of our Technology programs is extremely comprehensive and is uniquely developed with input from industry leaders to provide the highest quality education. We help you get Industry Certified by Fortinet, Microsoft, Cisco & CompTIA and get Practical IT Training skills to Pursue a Successful Career as a Network Security Professional.

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FORTINET-CANADA-ONTARIO JOB GRANT AVAILABLE IF QUALIFIED *Please Note: Not all programs are offered on all campuses. Please contact the campus nearest you for program details.

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