“Learning Together” Veteran & Family Scholarship

The Willis College “Learning Together” Veteran and Family Scholarship

This exciting program for retired or retiring members of the Canadian Armed forces who are heading back to school with Willis College to have a family member attend Willis at the same time!

Veterans who enroll in a program at Willis College are eligible for a scholarship of equal or lesser tuition value to a member of their family so that they can go back to school too. We know the sacrifices made by the brave members of our military are also sacrifices made by their families, and we want to thank you.

Forty annual scholarships will go to deserving family members of veterans in a calendar year. These scholarships can be for any program at our campuses across Canada, including programs that are delivered online.

Willis College has a long reputation for helping Veterans find their new career path after leaving military service, using their transferable skills to ensure they are hugely successful in their Civilian Careers. Our Technology and CyberSecurity programs are tremendously popular with Veterans and their families, allowing them to continue making a difference and providing safety and security to their communities. Our Executive Business Administration program is also another popular choice, allowing former service members to put their administrative and multi-tasking skills to work in a new and dynamic environment (that opens a ton of doors!).

Want to learn more?

Do you have questions about the Willis College “Learning Together” Veteran and Family Scholarship? Please review the information below for answers to your questions and important information about the program.

“The fact that Willis has a veteran support person that understands that some of us have special appointments was beneficial. When I started the program, I had recently been diagnosed with PTSD. Having a veteran on the staff to talk to about the absurd amount of appointments was helpful. Jawad, our teacher for the first year, was a Doctor in another life! So, having someone like that for support helped me get over that stage and get on with my life quickly.”

—Greg Hanniman, Canadian Armed Forces Veteran, Willis College CyberSecurity Graduate

Who is the scholarship for?

Every Veteran who enrolls in a program at Willis College is entitled to nominate one scholarship for an immediate family member, as defined by the current Veterans Affairs definition of dependent. Willis awards this scholarship to married and common-law spouses of Veterans or an immediate family member residing with the Veteran. Proof of residence is required.

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers the cost of tuition. Compulsory fees such as books, professional exams, IT fees, or uniforms are the full responsibility of the scholarship recipient. Regular funding sources such as student loans may be available to cover these additional costs.

What Programs are eligible for the scholarship?

All Willis College programs offered in-person or online are eligible for the scholarship. A maximum of 10% of class seats will be available under this scholarship. Willis will place spouses and family members in the first available class.

What are the admissions requirements?

Scholarship recipients must meet the standard admissions requirements of the program of choice.

Who is defined as a Veteran?

A Veteran is defined as anyone who completed basic training and has been honourably discharged from the Canadian Armed Forces, no longer serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.

When does the scholarship launch?

The scholarship launches on February 15, 2022. This means that any Veteran who is a current student at Willis College on that date is eligible.

When must the scholarship-eligible family member apply to Willis College?

Both the Veteran and family member may apply for admissions simultaneously. However, the scholarship recipient will only begin training after the Veteran has already started their Willis training program. Training of the scholarship recipient must begin within one year of the Veteran.

No scholarships can be applied retroactively. Willis College reserves the right to change start dates or to deny scholarships. The scholarship is non-transferable and may only apply to academic programs registered through Willis College. There is no cash value to the scholarship.

How many scholarships will we award each year?

40 Scholarship applications are reviewed and approved throughout each year.

I’m a Veteran. How do I apply for this scholarship?

There is a simple three-step process: Nomination, Admissions, and Scholarship Approval:

Step 1: Nomination (Veteran nominates the family member for the scholarship)
If you are a Veteran and already a student at Willis College, don’t hesitate to contact your Student Admissions Advisor. If you are a Veteran and want to become a student at Willis College, this form is the place to get started. Our admissions team will send you a simple form to be completed by you to nominate your family member and their residency. Upon completing the form, our admissions team will contact your family member.

If you are a family member, the Veteran in your family must first complete the scholarship nomination form with their Student Admissions Advisor. After this form is complete, our admissions team will reach out directly to you, but you can always reach out directly to them also!

Step 2: Admissions (family member must meet all admissions requirements for their program of choice)
Our admissions team will work with the family member to complete all necessary paperwork to gain admission into the program of choice. Once admission to the program is complete, the scholarship application will be considered complete and sent to the scholarship committee.

Step 3: Approval (Veteran begins training and the Scholarship committee evaluates scholarship application)
The committee evaluates the scholarship application after the Veteran has begun their training and the family member is accepted into their program of choice. The evaluations and approvals are processed in the order received. Then, the committee will inform the family member directly of their decision.

Is there an application deadline?

There is no deadline for scholarship applications. However, scholarships will be evaluated and awarded sequentially according to their reception. We offer 40 “Learning Together” scholarships per year.

Why must the family member take the Wonderlic Test as part of the application process?

The Wonderlic Test is helpful for our admissions team to know where the student is at with their knowledge. In addition, it allows Willis College to ensure the applicant is ready for their program.

When will I know if I/we have received the scholarship?

The family member must be nominated for the scholarship by the Veteran first. Then, the family member needs to complete all admissions requirements in their program of choice. In addition, the Veteran must have begun their training before Willis College finalizes the scholarship. Willis College reserves the right to amend the policy at any time.

What Our Graduates Are Saying

I chose this program because I have always wanted to work in an office setting and eventually get into the government. I would recommend anyone to Willis College any day.
Victoria Woolsey
Administrative Assistant Program