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Pharmacy Assistant

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Ottawa Campus
On Campus ,   Online
Program Length:
32 weeks
Diploma Issued:

Become a Pharmacy Assistant in 32 Weeks

Earn your diploma and start a career in healthcare with the Pharmacy Assistant program! Offered both on-campus and online, Willis College is here to help you gain the skills employers need for today’s everchanging community needs. The practice of pharmacy has evolved beyond the traditional dispensing functions, creating the need for knowledgeable, technically skilled and competent supportive personnel. This program is designed to train Pharmacy Assistants to assist Registered Pharmacists or Pharmacy Technicians in community and hospital settings in their respective drug distribution systems. In addition to practical training using a commercial computer system, skills in communication and interpersonal relations will be developed.

Is the program right for you?

  • Someone who likes variety in their work each day
  • Someone who wants a quick start to their professional life
  • Someone who enjoys a sense of responsibility
  • Someone who is detail-oriented and focused
  • Someone who is interested in both science and public health

The Pharmacy Assistant program is a great introduction to anyone looking to enter the field of pharmacy. Pharmacy Assistants play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of a community or institutional pharmacy. Typically, Pharmacy Assistants spend a lot of their time interacting with patients or customers and assisting them with questions, helping the Pharmacy Technicians with labeling and stocking medications, record keeping and more!

Total program length is 32 weeks

26 weeks of theory, 4 weeks practicum placement
Up to 2 weeks of breaks

Our Ottawa campus is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Job Market

Pharmacy Assistants work in a variety of healthcare settings. They can be found working in community pharmacies, grocery and drug stores.

  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Pharmacy & Store Front Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technical Assistant

Salary Information

Average Wage ($/hr) – $21.00
High Wage ($/hr) – $28.85
National Occupation Classification (NOC) for this program: 3414

Why Choose Online Learning

Welcome To Willis College Online. A Different Way To Learn.

Online learning is broken. The traditional online learning model of sending a student their learning materials and expecting them to complete things alone each week doesn’t work. Students feel alone, not sure if they are doing things right, constantly feel the pressure of feeling behind in their work, and the goal of graduating and finding a career seems far off in the distance. To fix this problem, we have taken an entirely different approach to how online learning is done. Willis College Online is bringing the benefits of learning on-campus right into your home.

What makes Willis College Online different?

  • Learn 100% online: Each online program is delivered 100% online with freedom in your schedule as to when you want to learn.
  • Instructor-led program: You will have the choice to either attend live lectures each day online or watch later on-demand. As well, since each lecture is recorded, you will have the ability to go back and review the materials taught by your instructor.
  • Instructor-paced program: You don’t need to worry if you are falling behind. Your instructor keeps you on pace to graduate on time
  • Live daily instructor access: Your instructor maintains regularly scheduled office hours to help you with any concepts or material
  • Mandatory weekly group Q&A sessions with your instructor: This allows your learning cohort a chance to interact with one another and the instructor to get questions answered weekly
  • Finish in under a year: Successful students will graduate in under a year
  • Career support from day one: One-on-one employment & practicum support for graduating student
  • Learn from anywhere in Canada: Our number one goal is to help you prepare for the right career no matter where you live in Canada

Willis College Online is the newest and easiest way to get started towards your new career. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Take the next step and speak to one of our Admissions Advisors today.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements:
Canadian High School diploma or equivalent. Willis College Admission’s Team uses the Wonderlic assessment tool.

For Mature Students:
If you don’t have a High School Diploma, we have admissions options specifically for you depending on which province you are in enrolling. Please contact us to see how our Admissions Team can help you achieve your new career.

Program Outline

Please click on the course title to see the course description.

  • Anatomy and Terminology

    This course provides education on the anatomy of the human body and its intricate systems. Students will be able to describe the functions and structures of the human body and explain how they attribute to human life.
  • Applied Pharmaceutical Calculations

    Students will be able to perform basic mathematical computations involving fractions, decimals, percentage, ratio-proportion, percentage, milliequivalents, units, and sum estimations. Students will also calculate mass/volume in the preparation of compounds, use calculations in preparation and verification of prescriptions/orders (TPNs), and use basic systems of measurement, dosages, temperature, and time conversion.
  • Business Communications I – English Essentials

    This course will help the student develop the communication skills necessary to function in a professional business setting. There will be a review of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation as they apply to business communication. Students will complete various exercises with an emphasis on improving basic skills in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, and apply these skills to writing assignments and tasks.
  • Career Management

    The Career Management program will introduce and allow students to apply the most effective strategies to achieve employment in the career of their choice. Topics that are covered include effective job search strategies, cover letter and strategic resume writing, effective interviewing skills, and interview preparation.
  • Community Pharmacy Dispensing and Skills Lab

    This introductory course will prepare students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to work in a retail setting. Students will be introduced to third-party billing, inventory control, the workflow of a community pharmacy, ordering, receiving, dispensing procedures, and policies applicable to the handling and dispensing of medications in this setting. This course will provide a combination of theory and practice in a simulated pharmacy laboratory.
  • Compounding

    In this course, students will gain practical experience in dosage and drug preparation. Students will learn to accurately calculate, measure, and weigh the chemicals needed for the various compounds. In addition, students will prepare various compounds such as ointments, lotions, suspensions, emulsions, and suppositories.
  • Institutional Pharmacy & Sterile Practice

    Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the operational function of an institution-based pharmacy. This course will enable students to understand the pharmacy team member's roles and scopes of practice. Students will also identify various types of automation, the use of drug distribution systems, and the pros and cons of each.
  • Jurisprudence

    Upon completion of this course, students will be able to relate to professionalism as a whole. Students will understand the importance of being able to present and work in a professional, ethical, and legal manner. Students will practice skills for time management, personal growth and development, and effective personal and interpersonal communication. Students will also learn about the laws and how they are applied within a pharmacy setting.
  • Microsoft Excel

    Upon successful completion of this course, students will have achieved a core level competency of the Microsoft Excel application. Topics include creating worksheets, formulas, functions, charts, formatting, analysis, templates, and working with multiple worksheets and workbooks.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

    Upon successful completion of this course, students will have achieved a basic level competency of the Microsoft PowerPoint application. Topics include creating slides, formatting slides, transitions, animations, and delivery.
  • Microsoft Windows & Outlook

    This course is designed to provide students with the skills needed to work with the Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Outlook. Students will learn to use the tools and options available in the Windows operating system, manage folders and files, and work with some of the built-in applications. The Microsoft Outlook portion will provide students with the skills to compose and send emails, schedule appointments and meetings, manage contact information, and schedule tasks.
  • Microsoft Word

    Students will be introduced to word processing using Microsoft Word. Topics include creating, saving, printing, opening documents, using reveal codes, formatting, mail merge, file management, and tables.
  • Pharmacology

    Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the evolution of pharmacy and will be introduced to pharmacology and pharmacokinetics. Students will also become familiar with the various pharmaceutical classifications and the names of drugs used within each. Common dosage forms of medications and the mechanism of action of common drug groups are emphasized.
  • Pharmacy Systems Management and Inventory Control

    This introductory course will prepare students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to work in a retail setting. Students will be introduced to third-party billing, inventory control, the workflow of a community pharmacy, ordering, receiving, dispensing procedures, and policies applicable to the handling and dispensing of medications in this setting. This course will provide a combination of theory and practice in a simulated pharmacy laboratory. Students will become familiar with the Kroll Pharmacy system and learn how to correctly enter patient, physician and drug profiles; perform updates as required; enter prescriptions; generate labels, and perform product inventory. Various types of reports such as inventory and customer year-end reports will also be covered.
  • Practicum Placement

    The practicum placement of the program is the practical application of a student’s knowledge and skills in the pharmacy environment. Students will be hosted by an institutional or community pharmacy where they would perform and/or job shadow a variety of skills they acquired in the program.
Willis College gave me the tools and skills necessary to make my transition to P.S.W a very successful one. Very professional teachers and enrollment staff. Thank you Willis College. Pat Donahue Personal Support Worker

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