Military and Veterans Partnership Team

Enabling Seamless Transitions For Canada’s Veterans

Willis College has trained hundreds of Veterans from across Canada in a wide variety of programs. Our approach to learning is to get you into the workforce as quickly as possible. The Military and Veterans Partnership Team (MVP) is the result of years of work and study with Veterans by Veterans and experts in the field of career development, employment, education, and training. They have determined the career, education, and training approach best suited to help Veterans effectively transition to civilian life. Each Veteran has unique career, education, and training needs. The Military and Veterans Partnership Team was created to address these needs and to empower  our Veterans to continue to make a difference. For more information, please email


The principles that guided the establishment and continued conduct of the Military and Veterans

 Partnership Team are:

  1. Veteran Centric – the Veteran is at the centre of all decisions.
  2. Compassionate – Veterans are treated with compassion and respect..
  3. Support – Veterans are provided with the necessary support services to succeed while in the program.
  4. Partnerships – the College works with all partners to help the Veteran succeed.

The three components of the Military and Veterans Partnership Team

The first focuses on career and employment support, where the program team works with the Veteran student and employers to determine the best career path for the Veteran and program of study. Secondly, the program includes transition training that consists of personal support services that Veterans might need to complete their education. These services include a Full-Time Veteran Support Coordinator available to work with Veteran students on any issues that might prevent their graduation. Lastly, the curriculum provides awareness training on the possible employment sector, the Government of Canada Veteran Benefits and Programs, and prepares veterans to enter the workforce successfully.

Willis College was chosen as the location for the pilot because it has worked with Veterans throughout its history, providing education and training programs to allow Veterans to find work following their retirement from service. This opportunity is also available to a veteran family member in Willis College’s “Learning Together” scholarship. This exciting program allows retired or retiring members of the Canadian Armed Forces who are heading back to school with Willis College to have a family member attend Willis at the same time! Given Willis College’s past experiences in helping Veterans and their families, it was decided by the project team that Willis College would be a natural choice to pilot the Military and Veterans Partnership Team.

Veteran Career Employment Support Program

The Veteran will first work with a career and employment coach to determine a potential area of study and employment. The Veteran Career Employment Support program is based on an analysis of the Veteran’s education and training background, a determination of the Veteran’s marketable skills, an analysis of the labour market, and discussions with potential employers. This collaborative work will lead to a resolution of possible areas of study for the Veteran. Considering the Veteran’s situation and needs, it’ll be determined if this is best achieved through full-time or part-time study in a diploma, certificate program, or online self-paced learning.

Supporting this work will be a determination of the Veteran’s financial options and the personal support services that are required to be in a place to assist the Veteran during the program of study.

Veteran Personal Support Program

A full suite of personal support services will be in place throughout the program of study to help ensure that the Veteran is successful. A full-time Veteran Personal Support Coordinator will be on location to provide ongoing peer support as required and to connect Veterans to personal support services they might need. The program has established partnerships with local, provincial, and federal service organizations to help Veterans as issues might arise.

Veterans in the program are encouraged to observe key dates by allowing them the time in the curriculum to commemorate them. A Veteran’s Student Council is in place to provide a voice to the Veteran and to raise faculty concerns. The classroom areas are designed and organized with Veterans’ learning needs in mind and for Veterans with physical disabilities. Finally, there are Veteran members of the faculty.

Veteran Training Support Program

Campus scheduling is flexible, allowing Veteran students to meet the changes inherent when transitioning from military to civilian life. The modular curriculum allows Veteran students to take only the training needed, thereby acknowledging training completed during service. The curriculum supports additional training throughout the area of study that includes: awareness training on Government of Canada benefits and services available to Veterans; and presentations by sector employers. Nearer to the end of the curriculum, the program prepares the Veteran for the job enrollment process and the civilian workforce.


The Willis College financial staff will work with Veteran-Friendly Canadian lenders and the Veteran to help secure funding to pay for the program if needed. Find out more about student funding options.


The mission of the Military and Veterans Partnership Team (MVP) is to create a Veteran friendly career and learning environment that provides the flexibility and support that Veteran students look for and need to succeed following their service to Canada.


Our vision is to provide a flexible and supportive Veteran friendly career and learning environment that will enable Veterans to find meaningful and gainful employment following their service to Canada.

What Our Graduates Are Saying

Willis College gave me the tools and skills necessary to make my transition to P.S.W a very successful one. Very professional teachers and enrollment staff. Thank you Willis College.
Pat Donahue
Personal Support Worker Program