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Willis College offers a career-focused approach to adult education, enabling graduates to transition into careers in business, technology, and healthcare.  Over the years, this adult private career college has played a major role in seeing more than 150,000 graduates,   leading successful lives in Canadian communities and around the world.


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Customer Service – Accessibility Feedback

Willis College of Business, Technology and Healthcare is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities. We do this through the provision of accessible service in the areas of information and communication, facilities, and customer service. Willis College is responsible for receiving, tracking, and disseminating to appropriate units all accessibility-related feedback, both positive and negative.

In addition to using the “Accessibility Feedback Form” below, you may also submit your feedback about accessibility, using any one of the following methods:

•By e-mail: accessibility@williscollegecybersecurity.com
•By phone: 613-233-11128
•By mail: Willis College Accessibility Feedback 1200 St. Laurent Blvd. Unit 20 Ottawa, ON K1K 3B8

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  • Contact Information

  • Information and Communications

    Please provide as much detail as possible on the nature and location of the information/communication barrier experienced.

    •website inaccessible
    •text too small in publication
    •poor colour contrast on signage
    •information not available in accessible/alternate format
  • Physical Accessibility

    Remember: you can submit multiple forms to describe all barriers, as needed.
  • Service Provision

    Please comment on your experience with the services provided by Willis College with regards to accessibility.
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