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Willis College offers a career-focused approach to adult education, enabling graduates to transition into careers in business, technology, and healthcare.  Over the years, this adult private career college has played a major role in seeing more than 150,000 graduates,   leading successful lives in Canadian communities and around the world.

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Business Programs

Our Business Programs allow you the opportunity to explore your potential in Business Administration. All our Business Diploma Programs are tailored to the ever changing needs of Business. We offer programs in Marketing, Human Resources, Payroll, Office Administration, Accounting, and Business Management.

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Technology Programs

Whether you already have an IT education, years of experience, or you are just starting out, we have programs right for you. Technology programs were developed in partnership with a leading Fortune 500 company, Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT), to address the IT Cybersecurity shortage in Ottawa and North America. Fortinet is a worldwide provider of network security appliances and a market leader in unified threat management.

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Healthcare Programs

Are you interested in working with people in need on a one-on-one basis? Personal Support Workers are an important part of any health care team. The Personal Support Worker Program enables you to develop skills required to provide personal support services to patients/clients of all ages, and their families, in the community, at home, in hospitals and in long-term care facilities. Services provided by a PSW include: assistance in routine daily living activities, mobility, personal care and hygiene, ongoing medical conditions and medications, and management of household activities. Students will learn to assist with the duties of everyday living in all types of settings, for all types of clients.

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Cybersecurity Academy

Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers and data from attacks, damage and unauthorized access. Cybersecurity training teaches professionals to spot vulnerabilities, immediately respond to emergencies and fend off attacks.  Willis College has taken the lead in addressing the critical cybersecurity skills shortage by establishing the Willis Cybersecurity Academy.  The academy is equipped with our partners’ state-of-the –art network devices and uses an industry standard curriculum taught by our professionally trained instructors. All of this combined provides a comprehensive offensive and defensive cybersecurity training environment.

Our Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA) program teaches these concepts and makes use of our Cybersecurity Academy resources. The Cybersecurity Analyst program is the first cybersecurity program in Canada to be recognized by the Department of National Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Click this link to see the CSA program details as well as details for our other Technology Programs.

Our Valued Partners

Over the past five years, Sophos, Fortinet, Check Point, Microsoft, Comptia, SonicWall and SageTEA as well as other organizations in partnership with Willis College developed a comprehensive post-secondary diploma program and provided specialized curriculums as well as training and support.  Collaboratively, we have been able to outfit the Willis Cybersecurity Academy with the necessary equipment to enable students to gain hands-on experience using the best and newest technology while creating a talented pipeline for their organizations.

Willis College is proud to partner with the Veteran Friendly Transition Program (VFTP) and deliver the first pilot program of its kind in Canada.

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Learn How to Craft a Winning Pitch at Business College

November 30, 2018

One of the most important skills that students learn at business college is how to craft and deliver a compelling pitch. The specific form a pitch takes is likely to depend on the context. It could be anything from a sixty-second summary delivered quickly in an elevator to a half-hour…

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Cyber Women project looks at narrowing the gender gap in Cyber Defence

November 30, 2018

  Cyber Women project looks at narrowing the gender gap in cyber defence By Rima Aristocrat and Susanne Cork For generations, women were discouraged from considering the skilled trades as career or vocational options. Subtly or not-so subtly, they were guided away from jobs that required physical strength or endurance….

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