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Exciting Changes Are Coming to Willis College Online

January 19, 2022

When Willis College Online launched we knew that we had one of the best online school offerings. We wanted to create an online school where students felt supported, had the resources they needed to be successful, and where they weren’t just left to learn and fend for themselves. And we succeeded.

Our programs are instructor-led and paced all the way through creating a virtual classroom that is just as supportive and welcoming as a physical one. Willis College Online is growing fast, and we know that our graduates are absolutely loving the experience that they have learning with us. 

But just because something is already great doesn’t mean that we can’t make it even better! Our online Campus Director Bonnie Gardner was so excited about some of the changes that are coming to online that she sat down with us today to chat a bit more about them and what they’ll mean for future students.

Willis College: Hi Bonnie! It’s always a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!
Bonnie Gardner: Not a problem. I’m excited to chat about Willis College Online and some of the fantastic changes that we’re making to further enhance the online campus experience for our students. 


Tell us about the peer-to-peer mentorship program that you’re launching.

Okay! So one of the new things that we’re adding to Willis Online is a peer-to-peer mentoring program. We recognize that life is really stressful and there’s a lot of anxiety starting school. Online students will be provided with a peer from their first week on to help them navigate those interesting days as you find your schedule and your time management for school. The peer will stay with you through your school program, and into practicum to help alleviate the anxieties that you feel as you navigate school.

So it’s kind of like a buddy system so that you have a built-in friend to help you sort things out?

Bonnie: Exactly! This way you’re really never alone. You always have someone that you can talk to who is in it with you. 

And what about tutoring? Will there be peers available for that?

Yes! We also have a peers tutoring program. If students are struggling we can match them with someone who has already taken the program already and is really keen to help our students find success. They will be able to spend time with you and help you understand the assignments, the PowerPoints, and perhaps even help you study for the exam. 

That’s awesome! So a built-in buddy to help online students navigate, former students to tutor, and you’re adding more right? A flexible class delivery schedule?

Yes! One of the changes is a new flexible pick your own schedule attendance policy. Students can pick Monday night, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, Thursday night, or Friday morning, any combination of those days. It’s flexible and works around your work and life schedule. This means daily life AND a diploma are possible.

Willis College Online is a different way to learn online

Willis College Online is different from traditional online learning programs. Our dedicated instructors will be beside you the whole way to answer your questions, keep you on track, and be your partner to success. Take advantage of our flexible online learning programs today and start a new life with Willis College!

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What Our Graduates Are Saying

I chose this program because I have always wanted to work in an office setting and eventually get into the government. I would recommend anyone to Willis College any day.
Victoria Woolsey
Administrative Assistant Program