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Willis College offers a career-focused approach to adult education, enabling graduates to transition into careers in business, technology, and healthcare.  Over the years, this adult private career college has played a major role in seeing more than 150,000 graduates,   leading successful lives in Canadian communities and around the world.


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Willis College programs are not eligible for post graduate work permits.  


Speech Improvement Software

EZ-Speak, pronunciation improvement software, is a breakthrough tool that teaches the user to speak proper English. Willis College is the exclusive provider of EZ-Speak in Canada.  This unique standalone software allows its students to practice spoken English and covers all the critical aspects of pronunciation, phonology and stress. EZ-Speak is the only software that listens to each student, analyzes personal difficulties and adapts the curriculum accordingly. The program is tailored to each individual’s needs, delivering extremely effective and successful results to the user.

Airport Pick-Up 

Students may request Airport Pick-up services by email or fax. Please fill out the Airport Pick-up Form Request must be received at least 2 weeks before your arrival date. $100 CAD Fee for Airport Pick-up service. 

A Representative from the Willis College campus of your choice will meet your flight at the Airport. Upon arrival, Willis Representatives will make sure that students reach their accommodations safely and will call students’ families as soon as they arrive.


Students should consult with either Willis College directly or with an authorized representative from your home country about living arrangements while studying in Canada.  To help ensure a place to live, it is suggested that this decision be made 1 month prior to your start date of chosen program and all fees associated are paid in full.  There is a placement service fee of $ 250 CAD. At Willis College we offer 3 choices for our students.   Accommodations – Choices
 Accommodations Application Form 

Medical Health Insurance

Medical health insurance is mandatory for all international students studying in Canada. The cost of health insurance is not included in the tuition fees. Students who are registered in one of the Willis College programs for international students must purchase medical health insurance. We are partnered with Guard.me International Insurance, for a quote, please go to:  Medical Insurance Quote      

Adapting to a new environment and country

We will assist students to access information about transportation routes, banking, hospitals, medical clinics, local shopping malls, grocery stores, main attractions, movie theatres and other cultural events throughout the year.

Exciting Cultural & Adventure Activities

While you are studying here don’t forget to explore the many cultural event and activities that Ottawa has to offer. Enjoy winter activities like skating on the world’s longest skating rink and skiing in the winter and enjoy several festivals throughout the summer. In addition to these activities, you can also visit a number of museums, parks, sporting events like: NHL hockey games, Canada Day Fireworks, Christmas Lights Festival, Music festivals, and many more.



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