Bring Your Own Device Program

Bring Your Own Device Program

Learn With Your Own Device

Willis College encourages you to bring your own portable technology. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program is a program set up for students to allow them to use their own devices while on-campus or at home.

The benefits of using your own device are:

  • Learn with a device you are familiar with how to use
  • Conduct research using browsers and a device you are familiar with
  • Take class notes easily saving printing extra paper
  • Pursue topics that are part of your courses
  • A more environmentally-friendly choice to help reduce the resources needed for new PCs and laptops
  • Promotes the reuse of existing devices and keeping devices out of our landfills


To ensure the best learning experience, please find below the minimum technical specifications required for portable devices.

Computer requirements for IT programs:

Windows 10 Pro (or Server 2016 or later).

Intel i5 with support for Vt-x (hypervisor).

500GB hard drive (SSD recommended).

16GB RAM or more (20GB recommended).


Computer requirements for non-IT programs:

Windows 10 operating system (a computer from 2015 or later).

256 GB hard drive.

4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended).

Note: Some computers older than 2015 also meet specifications.

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