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Willis College Students Happy With Alternative Learning

April 15, 2020
alternative learning student looking at screen

Since March 23, 2020, to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, Willis College students have been working on their studies using alternative learning methods like Moodle and live-lectures through Zoom. This type of online delivery has allowed our students to continue their studies, interact with their instructors, and continue on with their learning and assignments with no interruption to their studies.

In a recent study conducted by Willis College, 88% of students are happy with their transition to an online learning environment. 96% of the students said the communication is clear when and where to find their instructors online for lectures, and 95% of students who participated in the study say they can easily communicate with their instructor, faculty head, and student services.

We are very proud of our students for their work and resilience during this time.

What Our Graduates Are Saying

Online schooling was helpful in working around my schedule. It allowed me to gain the education I needed from the comfort of my own home. Despite online classes, you receive a quick response when help is needed.
Daphne Phillips
Addictions & Community Services Worker Program