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The Common HR Problems Business College Grads Know to Prevent

April 25, 2018

business-collegeIt’s an established business principal that the fair management of individuals working in an organization translates into a more productive and motivated workforce. In fact, a recent survey indicated that 67% of US workers valued “respectful treatment of all employees” as “very important”, beating out all other considerations in their workplaces.

So what are some of the most common HR pitfalls? Let’s explore three that even a workplace run with the best intentions can experience.

Inadequate Training Can Complicate and Prolong the Bedding-In Period for New Hires

When an employee arrives in a new work environment, they are at their most vulnerable. They may be unfamiliar with their exact duties, the personalities and systems around them, and the prevailing company culture.

The employee will rightly expect to be introduced to the tools, colleagues and processes that the position involves. Ideally, this should include both the provision of authoritative, up-to-date documentation, and informative training sessions where questions can be raised and given sufficient attention.


Employee training should never really cease, so starting out right is crucial

However, pressing business concerns can often muscle training out of the picture, resulting in it being de-prioritized. In some cases, the expectation is that new workers pick up how to work by observing other colleagues. This is a makeshift way of inducting workers, and will come with a slower developmental rate, lower productivity, impact on existing employees’ productivity, and a less-satisfied workforce in the long run.

By ring-fencing training, the message that employees are valued will be sent, while the most effective and correct ways of doing things can be definitively stated. Business college grads know this will benefit both the company and the new hire in the long run.

Graduates of Business Programs Know the Need to Get the Employee Review Balance Right

The idea of labouring in obscurity is toxic to individual employees. In order to feel connected to the organization, a regular pattern of assessment and consultation with superiors should be established. This should be an evidence-led process, with targets hit, punctuality, demeanour, and initiative all being assessed. This can also serve as a space where employee feedback can be aired in a safe, designated environment. This process can also serve as a framework for salary reviews, which should be established at the contractual stage of the hiring process.


Engaged employees will actively seek regular guidance, feedback and appreciation

Many HR experts now regard the traditional model of the annual review as antiquated, with more frequent performance evaluation being preferable. Modern graduates of business programs will now opt for quarterly or even monthly check-ins. For those that let employees go for weeks and months without a review, a range of issues can arise. This can include an increasingly unmotivated workforce that feels unappreciated.

Misinterpreting Workers’ Classifications and Rights Can Cost Businesses

The role of contracted workers is becoming increasingly important in the modern workplace. Alongside regular employees, many sectors are making use of contracted labour for extended periods of time. Canada’s education, IT, finance, medical and general services sectors are now hot markets for this kind of labour. However, this environment can have potential pitfalls for businesses.

For one thing, contracting a worker under specific contract terms does not absolve the employer from specific provincial or federal requirements, such as tax payment, occupational health and safety conditions, and the provision of minimum pay and overtime.

Employers should familiarize themselves with the governing authority in their sectors, and strive to legally ensure that, from the start of their tenure, all individuals who work for the business are receiving the right level of remuneration and workplace protection. Not doing so risks HR issues and the potential prospect of fines and reputational damage.

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