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Six EASY tips to make learning from home a snap!

March 8, 2021
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Okay, this pandemic has been a LOT. It’s okay to be stuck in a rut and it’s DEFINITELY okay to admit it if your motivation has been zapped by endless hours sitting on your couch. You are absolutely not alone.

Since COVID-19 first reared its ugly head almost a year ago, everything about our daily lives has changed.

Switching from working or learning in a classroom or office to your home can take a toll on anyone, especially in a global pandemic. Yes we all loved that pants were optional, heck we still love that, but we’re also struggling a bit. Stress is high  and staying motivated to learn and study can be hard. Even with the most engaging material and with the best instructors students are struggling right now.

We want to help. We did a bunch of research and have  compiled six handy tips to help you establish a routine for online learning and help to get your brain in the best place possible for studying and absorbing knowledge. Even if you just try one or two of these tips we think you’ll see an increase in productivity.

  1. Kick distractions to the curb (yes that means your phone!)

Did you know that on average, a person checks their phone 160 times a day. A HUNDRED AND SIXTY TIMES A DAY! That’s means that on-average you reach for your phone every six minutes. Eliminate this distraction by switching off your phone and placing it far away until you complete your task. Yes, you may not be the first person to like your best friend’s new Instagram post, but trust us, it’s worth it. Getting in a rhythm and getting things done feels great. and when you’re done, you can spend an hour flipping through social media without feeling even the slightest bit of guilt.

  1. Pyjamas are not acceptable day wear

Your morning routine is vital to how your day turns out. Research shows that people perform better when they are dressed for the work they are doing. Basically, this may sound silly, but working in your pajamas can lead to less productivity. Everyone loves pajamas, they are warm and comfortable. However, try starting your morning by brushing your teeth, making breakfast, and getting dressed in clothes you didn’t sleep in.

  1. Get organized

With everything online, it’s easy to forget upcoming activities. Customize your online calendar and set reminders a few days before due dates or activities. If you’re old-school and an online  calendar isn’t your thing, then daily planners also get the job well done.

  1. Take a few minutes to tidy up

We aren’t here to sound like your mom, but a clean space really is a happy space. It’s ideal for studying. Make your bed in the morning, clean your desk area to stay organized, and just try and maintain a  clutter-free zone. This cultivates a positive and welcoming study space, which elevates your mood and helps keep your mind focused on what’s important.

  1. Breaks are NOT optional

Studying for long periods without rest will result in a loss of focus and content retention. It is most common during the midterm season or when you fall behind on school work. These focusing tips include giving yourself short breaks in between study sessions. Stretch your legs, make a cup of tea or coffee, or relax for a solid 10 minutes while listening to your favourite song. This allows more oxygen to reach your brain, rejuvenating your mind, and makes you twice as productive.

  1. Treat yo’self

Studying can be monotonous. A great way to get motivated is to start with tasks or assignments that are challenging. Once completed, then you reward yourself for your accomplishment. For example, reward yourself by buying your favourite pie, making a lavish dinner, or watching your favourite show. This boosts confidence levels, so you can get more done!

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