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Protecting Businesses With a Diploma in Cyber Security

May 31, 2018


An online presence has become almost indispensable for businesses of all sizes. It’s a great way of attracting customers, alerting them about the latest offers, and giving them an opportunity to purchase products or services conveniently. However, this convenience is somewhat offset by the dangers lurking on the web.

Confidential business or customer information is valuable to hackers, so cyber security analysts are vital in staving off such threats. Security software giant Norton estimated that over $200bn was stolen from consumers across the world last year. Yahoo, Uber and Britain’s public health system were also all high profile targets in 2017, so it’s understandable that companies are putting an increased focus on cyber security. Here are some of the measures that cyber security professionals introduce to protect businesses.

Robust Security Software Protects Companies From Outside Threats

Just because hacking attempts on large businesses makes the news headlines, that doesn’t mean small companies are immune from threats. Online security software is important for personal computers, but those training in network security know it’s a necessity in any business, too. Installation of a comprehensive antivirus software system will protect company hardware from malware lurking on the internet.



Hackers are always looking for blind spots in online business security

Expertise in the implementation of this software is a great asset to businesses, because this security barrier prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to internal networks. Top professionals can also ensure such protection is installed on portable business devices, such as phones and tablets. These small devices are capable of holding vast amounts of important data, and become valuable to online hackers as a result.

Make Sure Staff are Educated About Best Security Practices

The best security software isn’t sufficient to ward off all online threats. Employees also have to play a part, and cyber security professionals are great sources of advice and guidance in this area. For instance, they can help ensure that business hardware such as computers is accounted for at all times so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Staff should also be warned about the use of personal USB sticks or portable hard drives, because these devices may contain cyber threats which can be transferred to the workspace.



Cyber security experts offer important advice to work colleagues

Graduates with a diploma in cyber security can also develop and implement encryption measures, which convert online information into a secret code which only authorized users can decrypt. Companywide policies relating to strong passwords, the reporting of unusual online activity and awareness of threatening e-mails are all measures which protect a business from potentially expensive attacks.

Grads with a Diploma in Cyber Security Know How to Mitigate Damage

Despite best efforts, an online threat could still break through. Cyber security professionals have the knowledge to mitigate the potential effects of such attacks. For example, backing up data on a regular basis is a simple way of protecting important information.

Duplicate copies of important files should be stored on external drives, and then kept in a separate, secure location. It should be a regular part of the work schedule, whether the information is backed up on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Many ransomware attacks threaten data destruction unless a desired amount of money is paid, so having such information backed up in another location reduces the threat level and protects businesses.

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