CyberSecurity Analyst Accelerated

CyberSecurity Analyst Accelerated

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Program Length:
12 Weeks
Diploma Issued:

Become a CyberSecurity Analyst in Just 12 Weeks

Are you an experienced IT professional looking to add to your existing skills?

The CyberSecurity Analyst Accelerated diploma program is one of the most effective ways to start a career in CyberSecurity. A traditional program will take you months if not years to complete whereas the accelerated program will have you career ready in 12 weeks. Our online program is full-time and delivered 100% online via live daily instruction.

The program offers operations-style training within a virtal lab environment is used to help develop the critical skills needed in defending against complex cyber attacks. The accelerated cybersecurity program provides hands-on training with a focus on threat analysis, risk mitigation, and malware remediation through staged cyber-attack simulations and live threat scenarios carried out with both real and virtual hosts and network appliances.

Willis College provides globally recognized CyberSecurity education as well as industry-recognized certifications. You can acquire skills that are applicable and transferable to a variety of security job roles in the operations environment and start a lucrative career in CyberSecurity. In this program, you will learn foundational knowledge and best practices for securing Windows and Linux workstations and servers, as well as software, network services, routers and switches, email and database infrastructure, and wireless devices. You will also learn how to scan networks for vulnerabilities and produce reports and plans which will mitigate those vulnerabilities.


Total program length is 12 weeks
12 weeks of instruction

Willis Cybersecurity Academy

Willis College has taken the lead in addressing the critical Cybersecurity and Network Security skills shortage by establishing Willis Cybersecurity Academy. The academy is equipped with our partner’s state-of-the-art network devices and uses an industry-standard curriculum taught by our professional instructors. All of this combines to provide a comprehensive offensive and defensive cybersecurity training environment. Graduates of this program go on to work for leading corporations like Sophos, Check Point, Fortinet, Bell Canada, the public sector, and other leading organizations.

Job Market

Successful graduates of this CyberSecurity Analyst course may pursue a wide variety of interesting and rewarding professions, including:

  • CyberSecurity Analyst
  • CyberSecurity Operator
  • Computer Network Technician
  • Network Security Analyst
  • Risk/Vulnerability Analyst
  • Cyber Incident Response Analyst
  • Cyber Intrusion Analyst
  • Penetration Tester
  • Blue Team Specialist
  • Red Team Specialist
  • Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Administrator
  • Enterprise Network Defence (END) Administrator

Employers of Willis College CyberSecurity Graduates

  • Consulting firms
  • CyberSecurity agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Independent software vendors
  • IT security agencies
  • Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)
  • System Integrators
  • Value-added resellers

Why Choose Online Learning

Welcome To Willis College Online. A Different Way To Learn.

Online learning is broken. The traditional online learning model of sending a student their learning materials and expecting them to complete things alone each week doesn’t work. Students feel alone, not sure if they are doing things right, constantly feel the pressure of feeling behind in their work, and the goal of graduating and finding a career seems far off in the distance. To fix this problem, we have taken an entirely different approach to how online learning is done. Willis College Online is bringing the benefits of learning on-campus right into your home.

What makes Willis College Online different?

  • Learn 100% online: Each online program is delivered 100% online with freedom in your schedule as to when you want to learn.
  • Instructor-led program: You will have the choice to either attend live lectures each day online or watch later on-demand. As well, since each lecture is recorded, you will have the ability to go back and review the materials taught by your instructor.
  • Instructor-paced program: You don’t need to worry if you are falling behind. Your instructor keeps you on pace to graduate on time
  • Live daily instructor access: Your instructor maintains regularly scheduled office hours to help you with any concepts or material
  • Mandatory weekly group Q&A sessions with your instructor: This allows your learning cohort a chance to interact with one another and the instructor to get questions answered weekly
  • Finish in under a year: Successful students will graduate in under a year
  • Career support from day one: One-on-one employment & practicum support for graduating student
  • Learn from anywhere in Canada: Our number one goal is to help you prepare for the right career no matter where you live in Canada

Willis College Online is the newest and easiest way to get started towards your new career. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Take the next step and speak to one of our Admissions Advisors today.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements:
Degree/Diploma (in technology) or three years experience in the field and completion of the Technology Assessment to demonstrate superior previous experience and/or Education in the field.

Students with foreign credentials should be tested to establish literacy in the English language, regardless of whether or not their documents have been translated/compared.

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Find out more about international student admissions requirements.

Program Outline

  • Security Frameworks and Risk Management
  • Linux Systems: Administration and Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Network Security and Unified Threat Management
  • Red Teaming: Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing
  • Blue Teaming: Cyber Operations and Threat Intelligence Analysis
  • Blue Teaming: Threat Hunting and Incident Response Analysis
  • Business Communications Skills
My experiences at Willis College have been life-changing. In completing my program, I grew in many ways. My confidence increased and I was amazed at my own capabilities, which I didn’t recognize until coming to Willis. The atmosphere at Willis made me feel like I belonged to a large family; that we were all in it together to succeed. Hats off to the staff of Willis College because they work together as a team and everyone helps everyone. No one falls through the cracks. Thank you Willis College. Sharon Schwartz Willis College

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