Data Analyst

Turn numbers into opportunities!

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28 weeks


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    Start Dates

    September 30, 2024
    March 3, 2025
    July 21, 2025


    April 25, 2025
    September 12, 2025
    February 13, 2026
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    Turn numbers into opportunities!

    Embark on an exciting journey towards a fulfilling career in data analysis with our specialized Data Analyst program. Whether you’re passionate about uncovering insights from data or eager to shape data-driven decision-making, this program is designed for you. Data Analysts are the backbone of industries, focusing on analysis, management, and effective communication to drive informed choices across sectors. Join us and become a proficient data analyst, prepared to make a significant impact in today’s data-driven world.

    As a Data Analyst, your skills and expertise will unlock opportunities across diverse industries, including:

    • Technology: Analyzing user data to enhance product features, optimize user experience, and foster innovation.
    • Finance: Evaluating financial data to discern trends, mitigate risks, and identify investment opportunities.
    • Healthcare: Analyzing patient data to enhance treatment outcomes, streamline processes, and improve healthcare delivery.
    • Marketing: Leveraging consumer data to craft targeted campaigns, refine marketing strategies, and maximize ROI.
    • Retail: Analyzing sales data to predict demand, manage inventory levels, and enhance customer satisfaction.
    • Government: Utilizing data to shape policy decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance public services.
    • Education: Analyzing student performance data to tailor learning experiences, identify improvement areas, and enhance educational outcomes.

    With your expertise, you’ll play a pivotal role in driving informed decision-making, shaping strategies, and contributing to the success of organizations across sectors. Don’t miss out—register today and embark on your journey towards becoming a proficient data analyst!


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    Join us every Tuesday at 6:30 pm EST to discover the possibilities of our flexible online schedule at Willis College. Our interactive sessions are designed to address any questions you may have, helping you determine if online learning aligns with your goals and preferences. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the benefits of our online programs.
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    Job Market

    Successful graduates of this Data Analytics course may pursue a wide variety of interesting and rewarding professions, including:

    • Data Administrator
    • Data Custodian
    • Data Dictionary Administrator
    • Data Warehouse Analyst
    • Database Administrator (DBA)
    • Database Analyst
    • Technical Architect – Database

    Salary Information

    Average Wage ($/hr) – $40.87
    High Wage ($/hr) – $58.00
    National Occupation Classification (NOC) for this program: 2172
    Source: &

    This program is an excellent fit for:

    • A data enthusiast who loves to dive deep into numbers, patterns, and trends.
    • Someone intrigued by the idea of influencing critical decisions with data-driven insights.
    • Someone organized, strategic, and a critical thinker.

    Why choose the Data Analyst program?

    • Become proficient in a number of sectors, allowing you to venture out into different fields.
    • Learn relevant skills to excel and stand out in today's job market.
    • Lifetime career services!

    Save time & money

    • Finish most programs and become job-ready in less than a year!
    • Get the skills you need to get hired with programs that cut the extras and give you the skills you need to get hired.
    • With career support for life with Willis College, our experts will help find you employment no matter how long ago you graduated
    • You don't need three to four years of school to enter the workforce with the skills to start a great paying career!

    Exceptional flexibility

    • Learn online with instructor-led programs that will prepare you for the career of your dreams.
    • On-Campus program availability is also an option for select programs in Winnipeg and Ottawa.
    • Start school NOW with most program intakes happening every six weeks (no need to wait!)
    • No waiting lists, even in our most-popular programs. We'll get you the job training you need to start your career ASAP.

    Career-relevant education

    • Our programs are programs aligned with real-world, in-demand occupations. We wil get you job-ready!
    • Most Willis College programs include practicum experience so you can hit the job search running with a great education AND experience.
    • Willis College has 150 years of skills training excellence.
    • We have real relationships with employers who are waiting to hire qualified Willis College graduates!

    Is financing the only thing stopping you from attending school? We can help.

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