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Willis College offers a career-focused approach to adult education, enabling graduates to transition into careers in business, technology, and healthcare.  Over the years, this adult private career college has played a major role in seeing more than 150,000 graduates,   leading successful lives in Canadian communities and around the world.

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5 Benefits of Choosing Home Care After Your PSW Certification

Pursuing a career as a personal support worker (PSW) is a very humbling professional choice. By providing assistance to those who require care due to old age, injuries, or illnesses, you have the opportunity to make their lives easier, enjoyable, and more fulfilling. One way in which PSWs can do…

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Working as a Penetration Tester after a Diploma in Cyber Security

The computer and internet age have changed the way that we think about crimes against businesses. What used to involve an office break-in can now be carried out thousands of miles away in a bedroom. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and cause catastrophic damage to businesses if they’re not…

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