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Willis College offers a career-focused approach to adult education, enabling graduates to transition into careers in business, technology, and healthcare.  Over the years, this adult private career college has played a major role in seeing more than 150,000 graduates,   leading successful lives in Canadian communities and around the world.

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Willis College programs are not eligible for post graduate work permits.  


Willis College of Business, Technology, Healthcare, established in 1896, has over 10 years of experience working with International Agents world-wide. The choice to use an International Agent is a personal one. Their job is to counsel you through the admissions process. The use of an agent does not increase your chances of admissions, they simply assist you.

When selecting an agent please consider the following:

Questions to ask a potential International Agent:

  • Request a copy of their valid Willis College letter of authorization.
  • Be sure to inquire about an agent’s fees and services before signing an agreement.

Once an agent is selected remember the following:

  • Be aware that all admissions and personal documents as well as fee payments are your property and should be kept in your possession at all times.
  • The original letter of acceptance is yours to keep; the agent may have a copy on file.
  • All program fee payments should be for Willis College of Business, Technology, Healthcare and separate of the agent’s fees.

Trust your instincts and call Willis College, toll-free 1-877-233-1128, to confirm any information that you question.

How to become a Willis College International Agent?

To become an authorized agent please forward your application to international@williscollegecybersecurity.com. We look forward to learning more about your services to assist our future international students.

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