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Insider Interview Tips to Help You Land a Job After Your Diploma in Cyber Security

January 10, 2018
diploma in network security

Going through the interviewing process to land the perfect job can be grueling. You need to be prepared for the questions typical of any interview, but also for industry-specific questions. With a skills shortage in IT and security, network security is becoming a hot job market for well-prepared and qualified candidates.

Cyber security professionals should be ready to demonstrate both technical acumen and the people skills necessary to communicate matters of security threats and risks. Want to find out more about how to prepare for an interview in this industry? Read below!

Get Ready for Questions Assessing Your Cyber Security Knowledge

Employers hiring cyber security professionals will want to know if candidates have the technical knowledge required to perform, and also the skills to communicate technical requirements in a simple manner.

Though all of the following topics may not be covered, and this list is not exhaustive, you should be prepared to answer questions related to:

  • System maintenance and preferences
  • Configuration management
  • Supporting mobile workers
  • Your home network
  • Securing a server
  • Cyber security monitoring
  • Encryption
  • Implementation issues
  • Application and user security

In this ever-evolving sector, your potential employer will also want to make sure your knowledge and skills are current; something your diploma – along with keeping up to date with cyber security news – can help you with.

diploma in cyber security

Prepare for technical questions

Link Your Training in Network Security to the Job Description

When you are called for an interview, the company wants to make sure you’re a good fit for the role, and you want to demonstrate that you have the necessary qualifications to do the job. Go through the job description and think of specific examples of things you have learned and done during your training in network security that you can link to the requirements of the role. Sell yourself and your expertise by highlighting your skills and qualifications in a manner tailored to the specific job.

Don’t Underestimate Thorough Preparation

You need more than just your diploma in cyber security to succeed in an interview. Your skills and knowledge may fall short if you don’t invest enough time into preparing properly. Getting ready in advance will increase your confidence going in to the interview, and it will be easier to remain calm and cool when answering questions.

You should arrive early, so it may be worth it to figure out in advance how long it will take you to get to your interview. Doing some research about the company and about who might be interviewing you can go a long way, as you can tie this knowledge into your answers.

Also, don’t forget to prepare your own questions to demonstrate your interest! Pursuing training in cyber security at a school like Willis College will give you access to personal career training that can help you with this pre-interview preparation.

Pay Attention to Your Body Language and Don’t Forget to Follow Up

This is your chance to make a stellar first impression, and your body language and demeanor will help you. Start out with a smile and maintain eye contact with your interviewer, listening actively to the questions.

You can demonstrate your interest by leaning in slightly when listening. Don’t forget to breathe deeply and remain calm. Your prior preparation should help with all of this. Also, following up with a thank you email within 24 hours is important to reinforce a good impression.

training in network security

Practice perfecting your handshake

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