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Willis College Announces CAF Approval of CSA Program

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March 28, 2018

CAF Officially Approves Willis College CSA Program


Willis College’s Cyber Security Analyst program is the first such program officially recognized and approved by The Canadian Armed Forces.

Today at the “DISCOVER TECHNATA Tech Expo & Talent Hunt” event, held at the Brookstreet Hotel and Conference Center, Willis College announced the official recognition and approval by the Canadian Armed Forces of Willis College’s Cyber Security Analyst program .

This official recognition makes Willis College’s program the first and only Cyber Security Analyst educational program available for Canadian Armed Forces members to develop the necessary skills to defend our country from cyber attacks.

This recognition validates the programs content, and in addition, the Willis College Cyber Security Analyst program was  determined to cover 100% of all technical and practical requirements the Canadian Armed Forces deemed necessary.

The Cyber Security Analyst program is available to both military and civilian students.

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