CyberSecurity Micro-Credentials

CyberSecurity Micro-Credentials

Upgrade Your CyberSecurity Skills 40-hours  at a Time

These programs do not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Managing cybersecurity risk amid pandemic-driven digitization shifts is top of mind for most Ontario organizations and was featured recently featured in the Ottawa Business Journal. Willis College has a solution to this problem – an exciting new set of micro-credentials to enhance the cybersecurity skills of IT professionals that have been working in the field for over three years. These courses will:

  • Ensure organizations are being proactive against cybersecurity threats instead of being in an expensive reactionary position after a breach.
  • Enhance the skills of IT employees already working within an organization, or give new skills to IT professionals looking for work or underemployed.
  • Offer professional skills development to IT employees.
  • Allow for online, asynchronous training around your schedule.

Our Micro-Credentials

Each of the following micro-credentials is one week, 40 hours in length, and can be taken independently.

Red Teaming 1: Penetration Testing Fundamentals –Next Free Class- Starts January 30, 2023

This course will provide students with the knowledge and hands-on skills in ethical hacking, vulnerability scanning, red teaming and coding for cyber professionals. With exposure to various live lab attack scenarios, students will understand hackers’ preferred attack vectors, techniques, methodologies and tools.

Red Teaming 2: Ethical Hacking Strategies –Next Free Class- Starts January 30, 2023

This course is intended to build on Red Teaming 1 and will provide a deeper exploration of the coding and scripting techniques to build more complex ethical hacking strategies. Concepts such as scanner scripting, information gathering, exploitation scripting and post-exploitation scripting are taught.

NEXT CLASS!! Blue Teaming 1: Cyber Operations – Next Free Class- Starts January 30, 2023

Trained within an operational style Security Operations Centre (SOC) lab environment, students in this course will develop skills to perform network reconnaissance, threat identification, threat mitigation, vulnerability analysis, security incidents investigation, security issues monitoring and cyber security threat analysis.

Blue Teaming 2: Threat Intelligence Analysis – Next Free Class- Starts January 30, 2022

As attackers have learned to evade traditional signature-based solutions such as firewalls, an analytics-based approach within the cybersecurity industry is vital for most organizations. The behavioural analytics skills covered in this course will provide students with security skills to identify and combat malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs) across a broad attack surface.

 Blue Teaming 3: Threat Hunting and Incident Response Analysis- Next Free Class- Starts January 30, 2022

Practices to proactively search for cyber threats that are lurking undetected in a network have become essential to organizations that invest in staying ahead of the curve. Cyber threat hunting digs deep to find malicious actors that have slipped past an organization’s security defences. Methods such as threat intelligence, threat hunting, and cyber incident response are essential components of the modern cyber defence strategy.

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Admission Requirements:
Degree/Diploma (in technology) or three years experience in the field and completion of the Technology Assessment to demonstrate superior previous experience and/or Education in the field.

Students with foreign credentials should be tested to establish literacy in the English language, regardless of whether or not their documents have been translated/compared.

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