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Professional Development Course Schedule May-July

DateCourse Title
June 1-2Project Management Fundametals
June 14-16Project Management Leadership and Communications
May 29-31Project Management for Government of Canada
June 12-13Project Management in Information Technology
June 7-8Leading Through Change
June 19-20
Intercultural Communications
June 9JEmotional Intelligence in the Workplace
May 23-24Building Confidence Through Assertiveness
June 29-30Harassment Awareness Creating a Respectful Workplace
June 21-22
Anger Management
June 5-6Digital Marketing for Today’s Business
July 10-12Branding for Today's Business
June 7-8Personal Branding for a New Career
July 6-9Social Media for Business
Here at Willis College, Ottawa, we offer several Professional Development courses and workshops throughout the year. Make a selection from the ones offered in May, June and July 2017 on the form on the right, and we'll contact you with registration details and other relevant information. You can also contact directly Yannis Souris at 613-986-5540.

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