Education is a powerful tool to get you job ready!

Just spending two minutes readying the news or scrolling social media will tell you how bleak the job market is right now. With massive temporary and permanent layoffs happening across the country due to COVID-19,…

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Online Learning And The Impact Of COVID-19

Recently, Rob Wilson, Cybersecurity Curriculum Coordinator/CyberSecurity Instructor/Network Admin was interviewed in the Syndicate Series from Connect Ottawa. In his presentation, Rob speaks about Online learning and the impact of COVID-19 – the state of online…

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Providing empathy and support for those struggling to overcome and live with addiction

When choosing a new career path it’s important to consider the type of job that you’d like to have. What does an ideal day look like for you? Do you like to spend your time…

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Looking to enter the medical field? Consider our Medical Office Administration With Ward Clerk Specialty program and open a TON of doors

COVID-19 has decimated the job market. Unemployment is on the rise and there are fewer and fewer jobs for unskilled workers in Ontario and across the country. Now is a GREAT time to upgrade your…

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Executive Business Administration – a new career in less than a year!

If you’re looking for a well-rounded education that will open as many doors as possible, look no further. Our Executive Business Administration program may just be what you’re looking for.  Are you: Someone who works…

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Make at home studying a breeze with these handy tips!

Working and studying from home can be a major adjustment. Because our classrooms are temporarily closed due to COVID-19, our classes have moved online. While that can have some major positives (see this blog post…

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Make the best of a new situation – study at home!

It’s no secret that the current COVID-19 pandemic has changed life in Ontario and throughout the world. Businesses and organizations everywhere are learning to pivot quickly to make the best out of a unique situation…

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Pharmacy Assistant – an exciting and dynamic opportunity!

The job market can be pretty tough right now. COVID-19 has changed the game and these unusual circumstances have a lot of people looking to make changes in their careers. If you’re looking to change…

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