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Veteran friendly education and training are delivered by leading Canadian Academic Institutions.

Willis College, est. 1866, was chosen as the location for the pilot because it has worked with Veterans throughout its history, providing job-ready education and training programs in the shortest period of time to allow Veterans to find work following their retirement from military service.

If you are a Veteran student currently attending Willis College, Canada in Ottawa or Arnprior, you will be supported by the VFTP free of charge. The VFTP includes Veteran Career Support, Veteran Training Support, Veteran Employment Support, and Veteran Personal Support.

The demand for Cyber Security experts is growing at an alarming rate. Military Veterans clearly possess the critical skills and characteristics attained during their military service to be retrained as cyber defenders and attackers.

The Willis College 52 week Cyber Security Analyst  is starting soon.

The program is limited to 16 students per class. Secure your seat today!

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