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2020 Global Forum On Women In Cybersecurity

February 27, 2020
global forum on women in cybersecurity 2020

It’s Time To Engage Women In Canada’s Cybersecurity and Defence

Global Forum on Women in Cybersecurity
Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Hosted by Willis College, the University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute and Invest Ottawa

Location:  Willis College Ottawa Campus
1200 St. Laurent Blvd. Entrance 5

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The Global Forum on Women in Cybersecurity is an invitation-only International Women’s Week event hosted by Willis College, the University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute and Invest Ottawa on Wednesday, March 4, 2020, at Willis College.

Together with Global, National, and Local speakers, participants, and supporters, the Global Forum will:

  • Address the current state of the CyberSecurity industry, including a focus on talent needs.
  • Stimulate critical dialogue and create a national talent to engage more women in well-paying CyberSecurity jobs.
  • Facilitate ideas and recommendations focused on individual and collective action to build a highly diverse and inclusive Cyber talent pipeline.
  • Recognize and celebrate the leadership and achievements of women leaders in CyberSecurity; and
  • Develop and implement talent and education pipelines to connect with women already in the workforce or looking for a career change.

Canada’s competitiveness in the global marketplace rests primarily on the productivity and performance of its human talent.  The global competitive landscape in the era of Digital Transformation favours innovative economies of high performance of its total workforce. Imagining an innovative workforce in Canada where women have an increasingly equal footprint is worth working towards and it is a vision that would drive Canada’s competitiveness.

Willis College’s Cybersecurity Academy, Invest Ottawa and University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute are working hand-in-hand to help drive the performance of Canadian organizations through the learning and development of its workforce.  It is through grassroots movements in Engaging Women in Cyber Careers that would actively change the tide of the gender problem in the CyberSecurity workforce.


Courtesy to Hill Times – our media partners for this event

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