Richard A. Bett, M.Sc. PM, PMP, MPM, CIPM

Richard holds a master’s degree in science in Project Management from the University of Québec. The subject of his thesis was Integrating Governance, Risk and Compliance Management to Enhance Requirements Engineering in Information Technology. Richard has completed two courses towards a P.H.D. in Information Technology and authored research papers in technology.
Richard holds several certifications in project management including the Project Management Professional (PMI)®, from the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, the Master Project Manager (MPM)™, and the Certified International Project Manager™ from the American Academy of Project Management. In addition, Richard established project management offices and was responsible for the implementation of project management and financial systems in government and in various agencies. He was also responsible for project development and integration of applications and web solutions. 
Richard teaches project management in both official languages for government, agencies, private companies, and educational institutions. He is the co-author of Project Management: The Applied Standard, for which many students are using this text book.
Richard has over thirty years of work experience in various fields including sales, research and development, construction, education, health, information technology, defense, space, IT security, and non-profit organizations.

Esther Schvan, BA,CPF,CRS,CIS

Esther Schvan is a fully bilingual trainer, certified professional facilitator, coach and consultant with 18 years of experience in Intercultural Communication, Diversity and Inclusion; training and facilitating diverse groups in the public, the academic, the corporate and the not-for-profit sectors.
Esther designed and delivered hundreds of different workshops. Last month, she pioneered the development and delivery of the first Intercultural Communication Course for the Department of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. In addition, Esther was selected to deliver Cross Cultural Communication to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in French and English in Montreal and Toronto.
She co-developed and delivered Diversity Awareness Forums for a national year-long initiative of the Department of Justice and regularly presented bilingual Diversity sessions as part of the Orientation for new employees and guides on Parliament Hill for the National Capital Commission.
She is currently writing her thesis for a Masters in Intercultural Relations.
Esther is a highly effective communicator, a sought-after keynote speaker and presenter at major conferences. Passionate about inclusiveness, she speaks 7 languages and lived on 3 continents.
Raphael Amato, MA, CPF
Raphael Amato is an organizational consultant, facilitator, and an emotional intelligence coach; specializing in large group change and transition processes. He initiates and guides participative processes designed to engage members of an organization in meaningful dialogue with one another and to build on what is vibrant and life-giving in the organization.
He encourages organizational members to adopt a stance where the onus for change and accountability is appropriated by each member with the aim of increased personal and organizational effectiveness.
He works with several departments and agencies of the Federal Government as well as many not for profit groups both locally and nationally.
Raphael teaches part-time at St Paul’s University in the Group Intervention and Leadership Certificate since 2007.
His extensive history and experience as an Executive Director and senior manager in the not-for-profit sector has exposed him to all facets of organizational life.
He is trilingual; Italian is his mother tongue and he speaks and writes English and French.