Announcing the winner of the “A Soldiers Hero” Military Spouses Scholarship.

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A major announcement was made at the Garrison Petawawa Museum last night (Nov. 9) by the President and CEO of Willis College. A crowd filled with local dignitaries and military members expected Rima Aristrocrat to name one of the five applicants as the winner of the first ever Soldier’s Hero scholarship, but she did much more than that. Aristocrat announced all five of the applicants would be getting a scholarship. She says the college is celebration its 150th anniversary this year, so it was the right thing to do.

Soldier’s Hero is a scholarship for military spouses because as Aristocrat says, they are the strength behind the uniform. The recipients of the scholarships are Lisa McConnell, Robyn Lush, Jasmine Teahen, Augustine Charles-Frederiksen and Amanada Kennedy. Back in April of this year, Aristocrat announced the college will be providing a scholarship every year for six years to military spouses, totaling $150,000.